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As our first free course, we are offering a short program that requires some time to perform certain assignments. A live faculty member will be available by email during most business hours to discuss any challenges or questions you may have regarding the program. The final exams of our courses typically involve real-life scenarios where students put what they’ve learned into practice at their place of business which may take a month or two to complete. We do not ask for company names. All information students enter into the quiz and final exam is confidential and will not be shared with any other entity, company, or persons not involved in managing this course.

You will notice that there are a couple of videos within the program that are copyrighted by other individuals. We have linked to their pages as well as to the video on YouTube. We do not sell these programs; we are not using them for commercial use. We very much encourage you to view their other videos for more inspiration and business knowledge and advice.

Course One: Who is Your Customer?

This is a new project for We would love your feedback on our layout, format, assignments, and topics you’d like us to focus on moving forward. You can reach us and provide suggestions and feedback at Thank you.

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