Recommendation for Jeanne Heydecker by Clive Lee

Clive Lee

Founder and CEO of Semaphore, North Andover, MA USA
Jeanne brought Semaphore’s marketing to another level. Her professional standards, knowledge and hard work gave the company an image consistent with our market leading position.
Recommendation for Jeanne Heydecker by Adrian Mutton

Adrian Mutton

Founder/CEO of Sannam S4 and the U.S. Business Centers

In just 8 months Jeanne put Sannam S4 on the map with a very focused and superbly executed marketing strategy! A no nonsense professional who is at the forefront of the digital marketing age and delivers real results. A great asset to any business. I would love to work with Jeanne again in time to come.

Recommendation by Ghanshyam Vaswani

Ghanshyam Vaswani

Chief Financial Officer, iPlace USA, Pune India International Recruiting Center

Jeanne is one of those rare leaders who also naturally serves as an inspiring mentor for the whole staff. With a background in marketing and more than a decade worth of experience as a strategist, Jeanne exhibits strong interpersonal skills and a unique capacity for empathy while achieving the goals of the company. These qualities most notably translate in her ability to motivate a team to care about its project and be invested in the project’s success. Jeanne is the go-to person for conflict resolution and problem solving. Though she’s never one to draw attention to himself, Jeanne’s positive attitude and the respect others feel towards her are palpable.

She is very methodical and organized in her work which makes her an excellent value addition to have in your organization. If you let her do her magic stuff (Strategic Marketing) with autonomy, she can take your company’s brand image to the epitome of marketing. Trust me on that.

Ravi Ailawadhi

Ravi Ailawadhi

CEO of VNL and Shyam Networks (Shyam Telecom Group of Companies)_

I knew Jeanne during my stay at VNL/Shyam between 2010-2012. I found her to be a very balanced person with a good head on her shoulders. Her sharpness in dealing with critical matters with proficiency and her speed to perform in marketing efforts, event management, exhibitions, etc., have been exemplary. I really enjoyed her comprehensive approach towards her work with clarity and more importantly, her sincerity towards her work. She has a gem of a nature and a very pleasant personality. I really wish her success in life.

Recommendation for Jeanne Heydecker by Lee Neubecker

Lee Neubecker

Founder and CEO at Forensicon, Chicago IL USA

I worked with Jeanne at three different firms. After leaving the web design firm we co-founded, Jeanne came back to my subsequent company,, a Chicago based computer forensics firm to help transform and lead a corporate rebranding initiative of all of our online and offline marketing collateral, logo and website. Jeanne came about to lead the re-launch and upgrade the marketing branding and imaging of the company. I am very pleased with our new marketing brand which launched this year. With the re-launch of Forensicon’s brand complete and behind us, Jeanne set out for her next goal of relocating to India to continue her work in the new media emerging economy.

The branding and website design of as it exists today was Jeanne’s most recent project we had the opportunity to work on together.

Jeanne’s sense of adventure and opportunity seeking desires led her and her family to relocate to India, where she continues helping technology companies transform their marketing presence online and offline.

Any CEO or organization that is unhappy with their overall marketing strategy and branding, and that wants to quickly transform their marketing positioning while enhancing their overall brand in the market place should consider Jeanne. Jeanne can work miracles in a very short time period while keeping costs to a minimum.

They say there are those that can talk and those that can deliver. Jeanne walks the talk!

Recommendation for Jeanne Heydecker by Jason MacDannold

Jason MacDannold

Managing Director at Forensicon, Chicago IL USA

While working as acting Managing Director of Forensicon, I had the pleasure of having Jeanne on our team for a number of important initiatives. As Director of Marketing, Jeanne led our efforts to define our new marketing strategy, develop a new brand, and execute on the new brand by leading efforts to design and build a new Web presence, collateral and trade show materials.

Jeanne’s extensive experience in experience design, visual design, online marketing, targeted marketing strategies and marketing campaign management enabled her to define in a major way the marketing and branding direction of Forensicon. While working with an executive and a company culture that did not necessarily understand the nuances of design and marketing, Jeanne exhibited a strong talent for educating and coaching in a way that was helpful and positive so that we could continue to move in the right direction.

Jeanne was able redefine the firm’s highly technical positioning and placement strategies to become customer and business centric-a significant improvement that resulted in a broader customer base and more focused sales and marketing execution.

I would not hesitate to bring Jeanne into a marketing team. Her ability to lead and roll up her sleeves to execute would make her a highly valuable addition to a management team seeking excellence in its marketing, branding, online presence, design and advertising.

Recommendation for Jeanne Heydecker by Mark Metzger

Mark Metzger

School Committee Member at Indian Prairie School District, Aurora IL USA

Jeanne served our school district in creating, updating and maintaining a district-wide series of web sites that won numerous national awards. Her vision, creativity and resourcefulness in managing with exceptionally limited resources were exemplary.

Recommendation by Yashwardhan Malviya

Yashwardhan Malviya

Head of Operations, iPlace USA, Pune India International Recruiting Center

Jeanne cannot be described in a small recommendation. I think she is a knowledge bank. She has taken iPlace to another level with her managerial capabilities and supervision. She has an eye for detail and handles her team very well. She has done wonders with the marketing wing of iPlace and has introduced iPlace Connect from scratch. Jeanne was also involved in back to back planning, designing and execution of activities related to shifting of iPlace’s new office in WTC and without her I don’t think we could have done that so smoothly. She is a great people manager, mentor and a leader. I am sure she will take iPlace to 1000 employee company soon

Recommendation for Jeanne Heydecker by Lee Neubecker

Lee Neubecker

Co-Founder and CEO of and BuzzBoltMEDIA, Chicago IL USA

Jeanne and I moved to Chicago to start our own web company. Jeanne is one of the most determined and “can do” people I know. When she sets her mind out to do something, she is unstoppable.

Jeanne is incredibly talented with her web design and prototype development skills. One of her greatest strengths is her ability to write and generate content for the web which has garnered her world wide recognition with the Webby Award she received for redesigning the Indian Prairie School District websites. Jeanne is also an expert as it comes to search engine placement and optimization. Her work in this area has helped many of BuzzBoltMEDIA’s past clients achieve top ranking in the search engines.

Jeanne is talented across a number of disciplines and has managed teams of designers and developers to fulfill client project requests and to continue internal development.

Anyone who is looking for someone that is multi-disciplined, talented, and has outstanding web design, web development and writing skills, I strongly recommend that you give Jeanne the highest consideration.

Recommendation for Jeanne Heydecker by Greg Gibson

Greg Gibson

Software Developer at Indian Prairie School District, Aurora IL USA

I had the pleasure of working with Jeanne for over three years. I got to see her act in the roles of project manager, designer, and developer–usually all at the same time. Though I was officially in a separate department from her, we worked together closely on several large-scale projects, and I often reported directly to her.

Jeanne has several individual talents that make her valuable. These will probably become evident through resumes and interviews. But she has two traits that make her indispensable as a manager or developer in any work environment–and these might not surface until you’ve actually seen her in action.

First, Jeanne is one of those rare people who can work as a liaison between designers, developers, and laypeople. She’s an expert in the marriage of design and technology (and how those two disciplines work together), and she can explain such concepts to just about anyone.

Second, Jeanne knows how to get things done. She’s tenacious, and she’s fast. When she’s set upon a course of action, she doesn’t stop until it’s finished.

When working on such projects, Jeanne will take on the lion’s share of most tasks. She’s well-versed in usability, user analytics, database structure, and web programming. And she’s a natural autodidact who quickly learns any new technologies a project requires. That said, she also knows how and when to involve other people to make sure a project is completed.

Recommendation by Sanaya Lazarus

Sanaya Lazarus

Internet Marketing Manager, iPlace USA, Pune India International Recruiting Center

Jeanne Heydecker – My Mentor for Life

I first met Jeanne in 2012 when she joined iPlace USA as the Senior Vice President. Jeanne brought along with her over 25+ years of experience as an entrepreneurial marketing and technology executive. She infused the American corporate culture into the office and transformed the workplace as well as the employees of iPlace.

Jeanne built the foundation of the marketing team for iPlace USA. At the time, I worked as a sourcer on the day shift. Among a few other colleagues, I was selected to be a part of the marketing team with no previous experience. She molded and transformed me personally and professionally. Jeanne taught me everything I needed to know. With her guidance and supervision, I developed my skills as a leader and reached new heights in my career. Jeanne brought out the best in me.

On a personal note, Jeanne recognizes the value and potential of the members on her team. She has the ability to figure out who belongs where and who is the best person for the job. Jeanne is very detail-oriented and expects the best out of her team and co-workers. She is a perfectionist and makes sure everything is accurate before it goes out the door.

She worked diligently to identify and groom individuals, bringing out the natural leader in them. Anyone could approach her with a question, or a situation and she would readily be available to provide guidance and advice. Jeanne empowered teams by instilling values of Integrity, respect, knowledge-sharing, and professionalism. In the year 2015, Jeanne executed the Leadership Development Program to train and mentor potential leaders within iPlace, with a special emphasis in Indian-American cross-cultural awareness.

After I successfully completed the Leadership Development Program, I was chosen to lead the Corporate Social Responsibility Program for the company. Jeanne and I worked together to launch the program which works with NGOs across Pune focused on humanity, animals and the environment. This work has touched the lives of children, elders, and differently-abled persons; stray dogs and cats and the injured of every kind of animal; as well as planting trees, cleaning river banks and overpasses and so much more.
With her extensive knowledge and understanding in general management, international business, training, and development of international teams setting strategic direction and execution especially for startups,

Jeanne continues to take startups to the next level.

She’s a great asset to any business. I would love to work with her again, any time anywhere.

I wish Jeanne all the best with the future and highly recommend her for your consideration.

Recommendation for Jeanne Heydecker by Lee Neubecker

Lee Neubecker

Group Product Manager at, Waltham MA USA

While working at, my company went on a rapid acquisition spree that included the acquisition of, the company where Jeanne worked. In my early attempt to integrate chat and advertising into the newly acquired, I found Jeanne to be very astute and business savvy. She understood both the importance of maintaining an excellent client experience while seeking to find opportunities to commoditize online social media.

Jeanne had a willingness to speak her mind and to take smart risks that helped propel my product groups banner advertising revenue ten fold over a few short months.

Jeanne is a strategic thinker and innovator that has a vision to see what is coming down the pike and to lead in unchartered waters. Keeping up with Jeanne can be exhausting if you aren’t ready to work hard and take your business to another level.

Recommendation by Ponnam Thakur

Poonam Thakur

Training Manager, Pune India International Recruiting Center

Jeanne Heydecker isn’t only a great and precise CSO but also an inspiring person. She is a social media guru, her strategies are incredible, and she expertly managed our marketing team for years. Her ideas are exceedingly creative and thought-provoking, and her implementation is always impressive. She is a core ‘New-Yorker’ and has the same business attitude. She is always able to manage unforeseen events smoothly under pressure too. Jeanne understands complicated matters even when outside of her direct area of expertise. For her the job is obviously the most important thing to do. She never refuses you when you ask her for help. Working at iPlaceUSA is most challenging, and she battled the impediments. Jeanne Heydecker always maintains very good relations with co-workers and clients. She most definitely shines in a fast-paced environment. She is self-motivated, forward-thinking along with intelligent CSO who has lots of knowledge in her field. Wise, smart, brilliant and well-educated CSO who can be trusted. She provided outstanding results for iPlaceUSA. Give her the really challenging tasks, the ones that everyone else is struggling with, and she will get them done. She will find a way to weather any storm. Most definitely someone I’d want to work with again and again as she is the best mentor you can get. Jeanne Heydecker is most likely one of the greatest professionals to work with I’ve ever met in my life. She has a very strong work ethic and unparalleled analytical and problem solving skills. I would recommend her with any project that requires the very best in Marketing and Training and Development execution. Energetic and broad-minded CSO – that’s her! Detail oriented team player. I could always depend on her to set the best example, as CSO at iPlaceUSA. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her at iPlaceUSA. Definitely worth recommending.

Recommendation for Jeanne Heydecker by Rachel Charles

Rachel Charles

Professional Development Lead at iPlace USA, International Recruiting Center, Pune, India

I had the privilege of undergoing the Leadership Development Program under Jeanne’s tutelage. She is amazing at making complex concepts understandable and is an incredible multi-tasker with varied and in-depth knowledge in multiple fields, which makes her an invaluable resource. Jeanne is brilliant at streamlining processes and getting the job done in the most efficient way. She will be sorely missed here at iPlace. I wish Jeanne all the best with the future and highly recommend her.

Recommendation for Jeanne Heydecker by Apeksha Tambe

Apeksha Tambe

Senior Recruiter, iPlace USA, Pune India International Recruiting Center

Jeanne is one of the best strategic thinkers and innovators out there. She had led iPlace with a vision, and we have seen the results. Her outstanding technical skills, understanding of marketing and of people make Jeanne an asset to any organization seeking to improve both their technological performance and to streamline their processes.

Whenever anyone had questions or concerns, Jeanne responded right away—and even followed up later in the week to make sure the issues had been resolved. Her patience and willingness to help have made me motivated to do the best job I can.

“Ridiculously efficient” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Jeanne.

I was particularly impressed by her ability to handle even the toughest situations—effortlessly. That skill often takes years to develop but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to her.

I was always in awe of Jeanne’s ability to command a room and get people on board with ideas—even people who were initially on completely different pages.”
I’m lucky to have worked with Jeanne, who’s not only interested in the company’s bottom line, but also in the employees’ professional growth.

I wish Jeanne all the best with the future and highly recommend her.

Bruno Ferriera Santos

Bruno Ferriera Santos

Business Development/Country Manager at the Shyam Telecom Group of Companies

Jeanne and I worked together at VNL, part of the Shyam Telecom Group. As Associate Vice President of Worldwide Marketing for the Shyam group of companies, Jeanne was instrumental in our effort to establish and develop the group’s technology brands, from the ground up in a new market – Brazil.
Despite being in a different continent, she was able to quickly understand the local culture creating an effective marketing plan, setting us apart from the competition and helping us position the right product mix in each segment, both in private and public sectors.

Amongst other things, the team she managed was responsible for our participation in trade shows and industry events globally, and all the logistics associated with those, as well as all collaterals and ad materials.

I recommend Jeanne for her strong leadership and can-do attitude.

Recommendation for Jeanne Heydecker by Bridget Fishleigh

Bridget Fishleigh

Global PR Consultant for the Sannam S4 and the Shyam Group of Telecom Companies, Gurgaon and New Delhi, India

Jeanne is a terrific person to work with and for. Her energy, enthusiasm and sheer efficiency in getting things done – no mean feat in India! – are first class.

She’s a real do-er who keeps us all on our feet. If you’re looking for an experienced marketing person who is as comfortable with strategy as she is with organising an amazing booth for a trade show, then Jeanne’s the person for you!

Recommendation for Jeanne Heydecker by Yu Yu Din

Yu Yu Din

Editorial Team Lead,, Kolkata, India

Jeanne Heydecker came into the 123Greetings office at the start of a brutal organizational restructuring process that included buying of company shares by Intel Capital. The atmosphere was negative, folks where really insecure, and the grape vine was out of control. Jeanne took the reins immediately and took charge of the whole transition. She handled the difficult task of cutting our work force in half. Then, she turned the work culture around and made sure everyone contributed to the team. She infused the American corporate culture into the office. I’ve worked in the US, and had been working in India for a number of years by then and I’ve never seen someone transform an Indian office that fast. In fact, some believe the task to be mission impossible. Jeanne is a leader who is not afraid to “get her hands dirty” when it comes to getting the job done. She’s very detail oriented and makes sure everything is perfect before it goes out the door. She is also open to ideas and suggestions from her “juniors”. Overall, marketing became the tightest and best team to work in 123Greetings. With the help of the tech team, we launched 123Greetings APIs across major social networks. 123Greetings API quickly became one of the top 100 APIs on Facebook. also became comScore’s 8th fastest gaining property by December 2007 and we had reached 4th by February 2008. She was ahead of the time in using APIs, widgets to monetize and spread brand awareness.

Without Jeanne’s leadership it would not have been possible to brand “Editor Bob” across major social networks or turn the click through rates around for the newsletter. We had an increase of over 200% in click throughs. Jeanne values solid skill sets in all her team members. She has a knack in figuring out who belongs where and who is the best person to handle a task at hand. Her “no bull” attitude makes it challenging and fun at the same time to work under her.

Recommendation for Jeanne Heydecker by Scott Jones, MSc., EnCE

Scott Jones, MSc., EnCE

Cyber Forensics Analyst at Forensicon, Chicago IL USA

Having worked with Jeanne on numerous projects during her tenure at Forensicon, I can state unequivocally that she is a consummate professional. During the heat of the battle, with clients screaming and coworkers losing their calm, Jeanne maintained her client-centric focus and disciplined manner. Her ability to organize and negotiate alternate outcomes allowed many off-track projects to be realigned so that they were once again achievable. Jeanne has the ability to calmly and professionally confront others when necessary, and is most definitely not a “yes person.” Her outstanding technical skills and understanding of marketing and of people make Jeanne an asset to any organization seeking to improve both their technological performance and to streamline their processes. I highly recommend Jeanne for your consideration.

Recommendation for Jeanne Heydecker by Jayanta Banerjee

Jayanta Banerjee

Marketing Team Lead at, Kolkata, India

I had already been working in the Marketing department for 4 years before hand. Ms. Heydecker came in and took 123Greetings to the next level. She reorganized the department and set specific goals, targets and responsibilities for each team. As a leader, she made each person and each team accountable, which was not seen before. The department as a whole was able to work as a great team and drive traffic, pushing on the top ten list of fastest moving properties on comScore. She pushed for social media marketing tools like widgets, and APIs and we were able to handled the public relations front. Our Christmas widget was featured on throughout the month of December, 2007. We were able to connect directly to our North American market, which was the company’s main target.

Recommendation for Jeanne Heydecker by Debayoti Banerjee

Debayoti Banerjee

Affiliate Team Lead,, Kolkata, India

I had the pleasure of working closely with Jeanne for over 1 year at 123Greetings.Com Inc (Intrasoft Technologies Ltd). She was GL Marketing here and I worked as TL Marketing (Domains & Associates) directly under her. She has a brilliant personality. She is very intelligent, very positive and very much understanding. From the very first day she joined here, I have seen her taking various bold initiatives to streamline the overall performance of the marketing department and to achieve the best.

I feel very happy for the opportunities to learn various marketing strategies from her excellent performance in Branding, Creative Services, Web Site Design, Copywriting, Editorial, User Interface Testing, SEO, SEM, Product Launches, PR, Print & On-line Advertising, In-depth Internet Marketing, Social Network Marketing, Blog Marketing, Web-Based Marketing Product Management, In house Project Management, Project Turn-Around Expertise, & Departmental Restructuring & Re-Engineering.

She has good foresight, attention to details, excellent research and analytical skill. Many of the marketing and product ideas Jeanne suggested here long days back are being implemented gradually and I personally believe, the company is no doubt be benefited to sustain it’s stand in the competitive market in a better way in coming years.

As a human being, she is very jovial, supportive, cordial and in critical situation I have seen her taking the best authority to manage everything under control very promptly and very efficiently. She is smart, talented and multi-disciplined. It’s great working with her and I strongly recommend giving Jeanne the highest consideration.

Recommendation for Jeanne Heydecker by Ted Cannie

Ted Cannie

Sales Manager at Semaphore, North Andover, MA USA

Jeanne is one of the best Marketing Managers I’ve ever worked with. She’s a talented designer, has a strong understanding of both print and electronic media, and is very business-focused and results-oriented. She’s also a pleasure to work with.

Recommendation for Jeanne Heydecker by Viktor Ohnjec

Viktor Ohnjec

Vice President of Consulting Services at Semaphore, North Andover, MA USA

I have known Jeanne for 12 years now and have been consistently impressed with both the quality of her marketing capability and the ceaseless energy and enthusiasm she brings both to work and to life in general. There are few marketing people that I have recommended in my life – Jeanne is one of them and I recommend her highly.

Recommendation for Jeanne Heydecker by Bill Marshall

Bill Marshall

Application Engineering Manager at MicroE Systems, Natick, MA USA

Jeanne was a very detail oriented person who focused on getting projects completed. I had the pleasure to work with Jeanne on several projects. Jeanne worked on the marketing literature for our products. This involved interaction with multiple departments including sales, applications, and engineering. Jeanne worked well with each of these groups. Jeanne would be an asset to any organization.

Recommendation for Jeanne Heydecker by Jayanta Banerjee

Jayanta Banerjee

Marketing Manager at Icronex Technologies, Gurgaon, India

I had the privilege to work for Ms. Heydecker at two separate companies: and Icronex. At Icronex, Ms. Heydecker headed the entire marketing department. She managed the teams for SEO, link building, affliate marketing, web 2.0 and social media programs. She implemented trainings on Web 2.0 marketing in the form of group discussions, screencasts. She also initiated the the launch of Facebook API for our sites. In addition, she was a valuable liaison between our team in India and the Costa Rican and Canadian Teams. Her communication skills were invaluable as all of us were working on multiple projects in unison. Because of her drive and leadership, teams forming the department were able to meet goals, targets and deadlines.

Recommendation for Jeanne Heydecker by Mikhail Elkin

Mikhail Elkin

Software Engineer at Telekol Corporation, Waltham, MA USA

I worked with Jeanne at Telekol for some time and she was a great co-worker – always professional, dependable – always willing to take time from her busy schedule and go through some technical details together to make sure the documentation she created was concise and accurate.

And it was the best technical documentation I’ve seen in my years in software development!

Jeanne is a pleasure to work with – always funny, smart and willing to help, wish we could work together again!

Recommendation for Jeanne Heydecker by Geoff Strawbridge

Geoff Strawbridge

Customer Relations Director, a Lycos Network Property< Williamstown, MA USA

Jeanne’s talent in the marketing area was her focus on thorough and detailed product analysis. She crafted strong product requirement docs which resulted in strong products for Tripod. Jeanne’s attention to detail and unceasing marketing work has served her well.

Chanchal Roychoudhury

Staff Writer at, Kolkata, India

I worked with Jeanne for a couple of months in 2008 in the Marketing Department of She was the Group Leader of the Marketing Department. The first thing that I must write about her is that she is an excellent leader, motivator, writer and editor. I read her personal blog regularly just for the crispness of the language. It is always a great read. As the Group Leader, she always had a plan to go about things. She was also open to suggestions, even from a fresher like me, who had no knowledge about Web 2.0 then. Getting optimal results was important to her. She encouraged team spirit and with her around, the whole marketing team worked like a family, with a sense of belonging. Always the first to congratulate on a job well done, she can motivate even the most laid-back member of the team to give in that extra bit. I would surely work with her again, as and when the chance comes.