Corporate Strategy

Corporate Strategy Consulting - by Jeanne Heydecker
When your startup is not creating the value expected, can come in and assess the situation and develop ideas with your team to achieve your goals.

Corporate strategy is taking the vision of the company and turning it into a tactical plan with budgets, milestones, personnel requirements and deadlines. It takes into consideration your existing finances and work-to-date and determines the overall strategy to meet the founders’ exit strategy.

When most companies start to earn a profit, it is highly recommended to invest that profit right back into the business. The ways to do that depends on the priorities of the organization. Some companies may have certain highly skilled leaders that could hurt the company performance if they were to leave. You may want to invest in them by providing a small profit sharing program with those employees. This is less risky than raises since you cannot see into the future as to what your profits will be next year.

You may also need additional equipment or upgrades to software in order to meet the demand for your product or service. You may need more employees to service your customers or outsource your call center to ramp up your sales acquisition program. You may want to train employees to set a certain standard of performance within your teams.

For me, I meet with stakeholders to develop a road map of what direction the company should be going in, along with milestones you want to reach, and when you want to reach them. You may still have money from funding rounds or you may need to seek additional funding in order to fulfill your vision. I help prioritize what needs to be done now within each department, what else can be done in a few months, and set into place a plan to meet longer term goals. I assist in developing your funding pitch, financial forecast, and execution plan. Everything you need to keep you on track and successful.

I audit the work on a regular basis to achieve corporate goals – from cutting costs, maximizing revenues, creating new sales channels, and new applications for existing products or services, to developing new value-add services/products to extend inventory potential, and strategic alliances and partnerships that facilitate symbiotic sales relationships within complementary industries.

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