Illustrations and Imagery

Illustrations and Imagery - by Jeanne Heydecker
A picture tells 1,000 words, they say. Stock imagery is easy to spot and creates a sense of distrust in a visitor since this are not your beautiful employees, not your beautiful office and certainly not your brand. At the very least, graphics that match your brand and create a more holistic view of your messaging will positively affect your brand. We are well versed with Adobe Illustrator and PhotoShop and also coordinate custom photography for clients who need i

ibuildcompanies develops illustrations and imagery that matches your branding while also accomplishing the ability to make complex and abstract concepts easy for the potential customer to understand.

Our experience has helped disrupt the telecom industry through educating major operators world wide about solar powered telecom infrastructure for rural areas worldwide. We’ve also created illustrations to help create a sales channel and educate manufacturers about closed-loop motion control options that can format hard drives to 100,000 tracks per inch. After launching, the company was bought for $54MM.

We have also worked with other telecom companies to launch and open new sales channels for integrated mailboxes, enabling users to read emails, listen to voice mails as .WAV files, and look at faxes as attachments. When a user accessed the same inbox, they could listen to their voice mails, listen to their emails using text-to-speech technology and read their faxes through OCR technology. After launching, Nokia came in and bought the company for $56MM.

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