Internet Marketing

Internet Marketinging - by Jeanne Heydecker

From AdWords to Facebook ads, from social media posts and webinars, there is so much to explore in the internet marketing sphere and I recommend testing everything to see what works.

I have hired, trained and built many online marketing teams in U.S., India and Myanmar focused on internet marketing, traffic development and online sales conversion, taking dotcoms to 16 million page views per day, even while reducing staffing by half. I am well versed in Google PPC, Facebook and LinkedIn advertising campaigns, training staff who started with no experience in marketing and turning them into internet marketing professionals. I also have extensive experience in developing content for social media, in particular Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Much of the work included SMS and mobile marketing as well, which was wildly successful in India. I created and implemented a new reciprocal links program that increased the percentage of traffic from higher quality sites by 68%. One example would be, which became comScore’s 8th fastest gaining property by December 2007 and we had reached 4th by February 2008.


Email Campaigns - by Jeanne Heydecker

Email may be old school, but it works.

At, my team was trained to deliver emotional touch points as calls to action. Email marketing was rebuilt, with a new list of characters going about their daily lives with story arcs building over a series of emails that increased open rates from 2% to 28% in six months. My team tested subject lines, colors, placement and delivery dates and times, to maximize open and click-through rates, focusing on driving traffic to the web site. When I launched the companion blog, we created a “road trip across America” where readers actually thought the characters were coming to their town and wanted to meet up. The launch increased click-throughs from 6,000 per week to over 80,000 on an email list of over two million U.S. emails. While at Forensicon, we created three part legal case study ads that had the email list owner call to tell us that readers were calling him asking when the next issue was coming out so they could learn what happened in the case. Email marketing is both art and science and what really counts is your content strategy and the strength of your writers to create compelling and interesting text that engages, inspires and compels your readers to click on a link and do what action you want them to take. To learn more about how email marketing can really drive traffic to your site, email us today.
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