Leadership Development Programs

Leadership Development - ibuildcompanies.com by Jeanne Heydecker

We push continuous innovation within your company by personally delivering a 16- to 20-hour leadership development training program and acting as chief mentors for all your stakeholder-approved internal startups testing several business models for expanding your services and markets. We will create leaders for you with real businesses you can continue to grow and be successful.

ibuildcompanies offers a 16-hour weekly Leadership Development program to train and mentor potential leaders within the company, with a special emphasis on cross cultural awareness. This program focuses on leadership, managing employees, communicating with clients, data collection, performance management, creating proactive business solutions, and execution best practices.

Leadership Development Course Components

  • What is Leadership?
  • Handling Difficult Conversations
  • Mastering Resource Allocation
  • Mastering Mentoring
  • Effective Weekly Client Calls
  • Writing Professional Emails and Meeting Minutes
  • Onboarding New Clients
  • Fixing Poor Performing Accounts
  • Profit and Loss Statements

We push continuous innovation within your company by personally delivering this 16 hour courseware, after which the group is divided up into teams that need to come up with a business idea for their particular company – either expanding their services to increase client revenue, expanding their markets and adding new clients, or streamlining their business operations to save time. money and resources. Each team is required to create a pitch, SWOT analysis, execution plan and budget.

We then essentially perform a “Shark Tank” where all C-Level employees or other high level stakeholders evaluated their presentations and determined whether or not to fund them.

If they are funded, these team members become their own internal startup. As chief mentors for all internal startups for your company, testing several business models for expanding services and markets, we meet with each founder team once a week, go over their execution plans, review milestone achievements, and revenue statements. We then report to the stakeholders each week on where each team is and what our recommendations are for next steps.

Innovation Program

Download your free PDF: "Process Plan for Creating Your Own Innovation Program" - By Jeanne Heydecker - ibuildcompanies.com

Download your free PDF: “Process Plan for Creating Your Own Innovation Program”

We also offer an innovation program where every idea, large or small, goes through a formalized evaluation program. Having a formalized program enables anyone in the company, regardless of title, to suggest ideas which could completely disrupt the way you do business. It is also a gateway for getting your employees into thinking like innovators, even if they are not yet ready for a long Leadership Development Program. Approved projects give the idea submitter a “seat at the table” through the evaluation, funding and execution planning. We provide a downloadable PDF of the process plan free of charge. Should you want any additional services such as advice on how to launch the program and internally market it, email us today

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