Project Management

Project Management - by Jeanne Heydecker
Project Management can be as simple as a press launch or as complicated as completing the buildout of a new office interior.

Most projects typically start with an idea and people get to work. No one has listed out all the tasks involved and defined who does what by when, and what dependencies are required to move on to the next task. This is very typical with startups, which is why you see many delays, and even complete do-overs due to lack of project management. Some projects are simple, like a small company event, or very complex, like a global trade show with custom booths, travel and logistics, shipping and importing, sales training, and presentations for speakers at the event.

Other projects may be launching a news web site, e-commerce site, or SaaS software site. I write requirements documents, create user interface designs for the entire workflow, and oversee production through traditional agile development methodologies. I am an expert at managing scope creep and know when to bring in extra resources if we need them to launch on time.

You may want to move into a larger facility and need interior design for your business. I’ve done it in India. Twice. Actually, three times. I’ve been there, done that, and always have a Plan B, and sometimes, even a Plan C.

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