Product Launches

Go-to-Market strategy and launch execution of both B2B and B2C companies and products/services – nation or region-wide. We have successfully launched new companies, products, services, and sales channels, opened new markets, and added applications for existing products. We executed the launch of the first unified messaging software for small business that was sold to Nokia for US $56M in 1998 and won Best of Show at the Spring ’99 CTI Expo. We were instrumental in planning and marketing the industry-changing launch of the world’s smallest closed loop motion control system that enabled hard drives to be formatted to 100,000 tracks per inch, which eventually sold to the GSI Group for US $54M. Our latest major launch was introducing the world to the first entirely solar-powered mobile telecom and broadband internet network for India’s Shyam Telecom Group that now has systems deployed on five continents and has won several international awards.

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