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Category: Leadership Development

Steps for Developing New Business Ideas - ibuildcompanies.com by Jeanne Heydecker

Steps for Developing a New Business Model

I used to teach a lot of leadership development programs in India and a couple in Myanmar to enable middle ...
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Why I Love Startups

Why I Love Startups

Having spent the past 25+ years taking startups to the next level, strategy and marketing-wise, here’s my take on what ...
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Maximize Team Performance - ibuildcompanies.com by Jeanne Heydecker

Maximize Team Performance

Appraisals and performance management programs are time consuming and don't necessarily bring you any tangible results. We've tried simple forms ...
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Top Four Mistakes Why Entrepreneurs Fail - ibuildcompanies.com by Jeanne Heydecker

Are There People You Know Who Should Be Reading These Articles?

I have been writing posts about business, leadership, marketing and startups for quite a few months now and would love ...
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"How to Work with No Money by Mentoring Interns" - ibuildcompanies.com by Jeanne Heydecker

How to Work with No Money by Mentoring Interns

When my co-founder and I started a web design company in Chicago in 2000, we had very little money, even ...
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Four Parts to Finding Your Purpose and Two Paths for Getting There - ibuildcompanies.com by Jeanne Heydecker

Four Questions to Finding Your Purpose and Two Paths for Getting There

PART ONE: FINDING YOUR PURPOSE Ever have an existential crisis where all of a sudden, you're writing a line of ...
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