As your “in-house agency”, we create, design, write, analyze and produce the following services for clients:


From print, bus stops and billboards to bus wraps, flyers, advertorials and coupons, we can create concepts that will create impact and spread your brand awareness, ultimately leading to more sales. We can also build out a plan for your media buys, negotiate with your vendors and save you the 15% agency fees.

Brand Management

We have been creating branding for companies large and small for over 25 years. We are experts in the use of Adobe Illustrator, PhotoShop and InDesign software and can develop branding guidelines, stationery, sales collateral, web sites, to visual imagery and web components – everything you need to brand your organization. Your brand is everything that comes in contact with an employee, a client, a prospect, the press and more. Your brand should extend to how you communicate at every touchpoint, creating a “voice” for your brand(s).

Corporate Strategy and Management Consulting

We can provide stakeholder surveys/focus groups and audits to build your business to achieve corporate goals – from cutting costs and maximizing revenues to creating new sales channels, new applications for existing products or services, to developing new value-add services/products to extend inventory potential, and strategic alliances and partnerships that facilitate symbiotic sales relationships within complementary industries.

Curriculum Development

ibuildcompanies already has a series of curriculum for researchers, recruiters, American business etiquette, and leadership development programs. All of these are classroom based and also feature worksheets, rubrics, assessments and home work. Some programs are half day in the classroom, with half day on the workfloor practicing the concepts they just learned in the classroom with an assigned mentor in order to cover most ways people learn. We also feature some online courses as well as “train-the-trainer” programs.

Design and Writing can design anything from buildings to business cards and everything in between. Web sites, intranets, building interiors, custom trade show booths, sales literature and collateral, infographics, logos, merchandising, products, print advertising, bus wraps… you name it, we can design it.

From simple social media updates, blogs and case studies to white papers, technical manuals and books, we are experts at creating content that is easily understandable, relatable and creates emotional touchpoints to compel a potential customer to purchase your product or service. Most of the sales literature and collateral, web sites, technical manuals and sales catalogs have all required a proficient native English writer that can put forward complex ideas in layman’s terms and sell product. Most companies don’t have that person in-house.

Email Marketing

We can create email campaigns, use A/B testing and build out landing pages to maximize your prospect list’s engagement. We are capable of building out a web site, that automatically updates your social media pages, and then sends out a weekly or monthly email newsletter that shows snippets of all your new blog posts. All you need do, once set up, is write the blog posts (we’d be happy to do that too).

Events Management

Whatever the size of your event, from a small company gathering to a televised awards program, we are experts at understanding the complexities of all the moving parts involved, while keeping your brand top of mind. Based on your budget, we’ll delivery the best quality programming your money can buy. We work at an international standard and create memorable events people will talk about and post on social media.

Go-to-Market Planning and Execution

Go-to-Market strategy and launch execution of both B2B and B2C companies and products/services – nation or region-wide. We have successfully launched new companies, products, services, and sales channels, opened new markets, and added applications for existing products. We executed the launch of the first unified messaging software for small business that was sold to Nokia for US $56M in 1998 and won Best of Show at the Spring ’99 CTI Expo. We were instrumental in planning and marketing the industry-changing launch of the world’s smallest closed loop motion control system that enabled hard drives to be formatted to 100,000 tracks per inch, which eventually sold to the GSI Group for US $54M. Our latest major launch was introducing the world to the first entirely solar-powered mobile telecom and broadband internet network for India’s Shyam Telecom Group that now has systems deployed on five continents and has won several international awards.

Illustration and Imagery

Stock imagery is an affordable option for any company, but it also doesn’t reinforce your brand and can create a sense of distrust since your visitors will know the images aren’t of you and your team, your offices, etc. Your illustrations, photography and other imagery should reinforce your brand, showcase your people and your place of business. We produce all of our work using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for use in both digital and print work.

Internet Advertising

PPC advertising is not just Google Adwords anymore. There are so many more opportunities from Faceboook and Twitter ads, banner ad networks focused on niche web sites, advertorials, native ads and celebrity endorsements on Youtube and Instagram. Based on your budget, we’ll build out a program including multivariate and A/B testing, a media buy plan and report back on the results each month.

Internet Marketing

We have hired, trained and built many online marketing teams in U.S., India and Myanmar focused on internet marketing, traffic development and online sales conversion, taking dotcoms to 16 million page views per day, even while reducing staffing by half. We are also well versed in Google PPC, Facebook and LinkedIn advertising campaigns, training staff who started with no experience in marketing.

We also have extensive experience in developing content for social media, in particular Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Much of the work included SMS marketing as well, which was wildly successful in India; with mobile-first being the way to drive traffic in Myanmar. We created a new reciprocal links program that increased the percentage of traffic from higher quality sites by 68%. One example would be, which became comScore’s 8th fastest gaining property by December 2007 and we had reached 4th by February 2008.

ibuildcompanies will audit your existing social media properties and completely revamp them if needed to achieve more engagement, click-throughs, and maximize your return on investment. We create new company pages, a content strategy, and post updates, along with escalations matrices for crisis management, standardized answers to frequently asked questions, and can train your employees to take over when they are ready to do so.

Leadership Development Programs

An ideal mentor, Jeanne Heydecker, Founder and CEO of, pushes continuous innovation within the company by personally delivering leadership development training and acting as chief mentor for startups testing several business models for expanding services and markets. offers a16-hour program with a one-month business idea planning and presentation for C-level staff to assess and invest in prototypes. The final month is an intensive program that requires a team of four to present a pitch, SWOT, financial projections, and a launch plan. Once funded, the team has one year to create a a proof-of-concept and show profit. During that time frame, the team has weekly meetings with the Mentor to go over what’s working and what’s not and create solutions to stay the course to success.

Organizational Development

Recognizing the skill gaps in your team is tough to do from the inside. We interview all of your staff and compare their skill sets with your goals to identify the gaps in your team. Options can be classroom training, one-on-one mentoring, executive coaching, cross-training and other assistance to strengthen your team.

Organizational Restructuring looks at companies like chess sets. Each employee has a set of skills, experiences and dreams of where they would like to be in five years. We can come in and shuffle your team to put the right people in the right jobs and support those that aren’t yet fully ready for that new role. It may also mean moving people down the ladder – demoting them because they lack required skills to be successful in those roles. We’ve even recommended co-founder exits when they became an impediment to future growth and sustainability of their companies.

Coming from the outside gives us the ability to see the company without emotion or its history, with an independent ability to see it potential and its future.

Project Management

Most projects typically start with an idea and people get to work. No one has listed out all the tasks involved and defined who does what by when, and what dependencies are required to move on to the next task. This is very typical with startups, which is why you see many delays, and even complete do-overs due to lack of project management. Some projects are simple, like a small company event, or very complex, like a global trade show with custom booths, travel and logistics, shipping and importing, sales training, and presentations for speakers at the event. We’ve been there, done that, and always have a Plan B, and sometimes, even a Plan C.

Product Launches

Based on your budget and the type of product or service, we will recommend a plan to launch to the media, Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), and/or the public. Launches can be online, off-line or both.

Product Management

ibuildcompanies loves technology and we love building out software requirements documents, workflow diagrams, and designing user interfaces for your product. We’ve been developing web sites and software interfaces since 1996, conducted user testing, and overseen quality control. We know how much time development takes and create milestones that identify who is handling what parts of any product, where they are in the process, and when it is expected to be ready. We are experts at managing scope creep and can bring in extra resources if you need them to launch on time.

Talent Acquisition Consulting

Upgrade your candidate experience to hire better more quickly and retain “A-Players” longer. By creating an external series of activities, such as intra-corporate sports teams and CSR activities, and inviting like-minded non-employees to join in, is one way to generate a pipeline of potential new recruits. In addition, creating a positive candidate experience from the first phone call or email, the interview process, the hiring process, and the on-boarding process, as well as training and benefits can dramatically decrease your loss of new employees in the first 90 days.Recently, we created an entirely new candidate experience which reduced the number of unaccepted offers to less than 2%. We also developed a complete update of trainee courseware: scoring rubrics, assessments, worksheets, and presentations while decreasing the duration of programming by 50% to get trainees onto the work floor in 4 weeks. We also have experience in using social media to create an insider’s view of your company to attract new recruits.

Trade Shows and Conferences

We have been involved with trade shows all over the world starting in 1993, personally supervising the build and strike of custom booths ranging from 9 sqm to over 900 sqm on five continents. From concept creation, promotion, venue selection, catering, invitations, decor, to build and strike, marketing, travel logistics, shipping and drayage, as well as media, key opinion leaders and social media influencer management, is key to creating an unforgettable event for your company, because we sweat the details, not you.

Web Design

Jeanne Heydecker, Founder and CEO of won an Official Honoree Webby Award in 2006 for creating the first social network for a K-12 public school district of 35,000 students and over 50 school web sites and internets. She and her co-founder were also listed in Crain’s Chicago as one of the Top 50 Web Sites in Chicago in 2001. now specializes in creating web sites quickly and easily in WordPress and Shopify, with training available for companies to continue to build out their web sites themselves. We are well versed in design, usability, user analytics, traffic analysis, search engine optimization, database structure, QA, and some programming (HTML and CSS). has created over 250 web sites since 1996.


Personally, Jeanne writes mostly about business, leadership, management and entrepreneurship. Visit the Blog Posts Section of the site for samples of her work.

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