Curriculum Development

Curriculum Development - by Jeanne Heydecker
I have several courses for professional online researchers and recruiters, along with a 16- to 20-hour leadership development program that facilitates business innovation and ideation.

I also create custom curriculum including presentations, assessments, rubrics, as well as “train-the-trainer” programs.

Curriculum development should never be seen as presenting a simple PowerPoint in a classroom setting without preparation, customization, assessments, and follow-through after the training.

I specialize in sales, recruiting, and leadership training. When you hire me, I start by visiting your office and understanding the scope of work involved. I evaluate your current training program, and the key measurable performance indicators you want the training to achieve.

I then customize my existing curriculum and provide you with the following “Train the Trainer” training components:

  • Trainer Guide (Contains all content given to attendees, along with the answer sheets, rubrics, etc.)
  • Powerpoint Presentations with Notes
  • Pre-Assessments (if necessary)
  • Worksheets
  • Essay Option (with Trainer Rubric)
  • Post Assessment

You may not want all of these options or may need more hands-on custom training components. You may prefer me doing the training for you. Regardless, I understand how to create programs that add value and increase performance of the employees who complete the trainings in a way that most companies won’t. For you to ensure a return on investment, I typically add:

  • Scores Report Template on all attendees who started the training program (indicates performance of trainers as well)
  • KPI Baseline/ROI Report on all attendees completing the training program (baseline data to be recorded for a specific period and matched with post-training data period to indicate performance changes)

Remedial Program for Attendees Who Fail to Perform

If you would like to consider the custom development of a remedial program, I will work with you to identify which components failed to reach your attendees and create additional material (perhaps in different learning modes, time duration, more hands-on delivery, etc.).

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