Curriculum Development

Curriculum Development - by Jeanne Heydecker
We have several courses for professional sourcers and recruiters, along with a 16 to 20-hour leadership development program that facilitates business innovation and ideation. We can also create custom curriculum including presentations, assessments, rubrics, as well as “train-the-trainer” programs.

Curriculum development should never be seen presenting a simple PowerPoint in a classroom setting without preparation, customization, assessments, and follow-through after the training.

We specialize in sales, recruiting, and leadership training. When you hire us, we start by visiting your office and understanding the scope of work involved, evaluation of your current training program, and the key performance indicators you want the training to achieve.

We then develop the curriculum and provide you with the following training components:

  • Trainer Guide
  • Powerpoint Presentations with Notes
  • Pre-Assessments (with Trainer Set)
  • Worksheets (with Trainer Set)
  • Essay Option (with Trainer Rubric)
  • Post Assessment (with Trainer Set)
  • Scores Report on All Attendees of the Training Program
  • Remedial Program for Attendees Who Fail to Perform

You may not want all of these options, and may need more hands-on custom training components. You may prefer a “Train the Trainer” option instead of us doing the training for you. Regardless, we understand how to create programs that add value and increase performance of the employees who complete the trainings in a way that most companies won’t.

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