Management Consulting

Management Consulting - by Jeanne Heydecker can provide everything from quick fixes to executive coaching and team development through its management consulting practice. provides a variety of services to help your organization go to the next level. Whether you are looking at ways to expand your business, diversify, increase your product or service offering, we can certainly help.

If your organization is unstable and is not driving enough revenue to make payroll, yet alone grow your business, we can help there, too. For example, working with an online content developer, the only revenue the company had was club memberships which included a monthly gift box, quarterly events and password protected content on their web site. Each membership cost $7.25/month and they averaged 120 members a month. This provided $870 revenue per month. In addition, they received approximately $150 a month in Facebook Instant Articles income. The gross revenue per month was $1,020 with a burn rate of $13,000 per month. The membership sales came from calling those non-members attending small events where we could generate 25 to 40 leads per event.

We came in and recommended a significantly expanded focus on public events for 5,000 attendees per event per quarter, which would enable us to expand our outbound calling from one half time person to several individuals to call over 4,000 leads per quarter.

We also completely redesigned the monthly gift box, making them a keepsake of value. We recommended dramatically upgrading the brands putting product samples in the box, which was the number one complaint of members. We also reorganized staffing, providing new job descriptions, formal processes and standard operating procedures in order to install a more professional work environment.

Due to our presentation, proposed financial plans and employee training and mentoring, the company managed to secure a six-figure investment to assist them in reaching their next series of milestones as they grow their organization.

As with all companies, it is up to them to decide whether or not to go with our recommendations. Sometimes we’re brought in by investors to fix what’s broken or to work as a virtual CEO or COO to fix stalled or failing companies. Based on your individual company’s issues, we can provide an affordable rate, equity, or profit share depending on your preference.

Our prices for management consulting start with a free meeting to discuss your business goals, after which we will prepare a proposal of services we recommend. If you need to take your company to the next level and don’t know which way to start, get in touch with us today.

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