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Web Site Design - ibuildcompanies.com by Jeanne Heydecker

Having built or rebuilt over 250 web sites in our careers, we focus on the user experience and enable tech to do their job. We are well versed in design, usability, user analytics, traffic analysis, search engine optimization, database structure, quality assurance, and some programming (HTML and CSS). We write great specifications that are clear and concise and are understandable by techies and laymen alike.

We hosted our first online billboards on Compuserve way back in 1994. From then, we never looked back. After we produced the Glossary of OOP Terminology, which became the standard for the industry, we installed the content as part of our first web site development effort in 1995; it immediately placed Semaphore in first place on all major search engines when nearly any OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) term was searched.

For Telekol Corporation, we developed all the UI design, splash screens, and assisted on the front end web site development for the new IntegraX™ unified messaging software product line, the first computer-based unified messaging system for small businesses. Telekol Corporation’s IntegraX Intelligent Communications Server was named Best of Show at the Spring ’99 CTI Expo.

We transitioned MicroE Systems to a web-centric marketing program, saving $50,000 in printing costs while increasing responses from potential customers and visitors to the web sites. We produced sales-oriented software tools to generate traffic: measurement conversion tool and a product configurator, both downloadable from the web site. Generated email list for future interactive marketing as part of download process.

We co-founded our own web design and development firm in Chicago IL that quickly grew to 30+ employees. We planned and managed all web production activities, hired and supervised design and technical staff, and interacted with clients regarding their website projects. We provided turn-around consulting and producer expertise to clients whose existing web projects had stalled or failed. This business model, enabled us to hire additional staff to focus on the first set of web site “plug-ins” for BuzzWare, a series of on-line tools which allow for more interaction with visitors, empowering site owners to change content on their sites without the requirement of a developer, ultimately improving their lead generation, online support and delivering sales literature, all at a lower cost. Developed on-line Flash demos used at trade shows and client sales presentations. Managed 20+ corporate web sites and intranets from concept to deployment. BuzzBoltMEDIA was listed as one of the Top 50 Web Companies in Chicago by Crain’s Chicago in 2001.

After BuzzBolt pivoted to computer forensics, we left and became in charge of developing the strategy and implementing all web-based projects for a 35,000+ student school district located in the Western suburbs of Chicago, we introduced “push” email and user driven informational forums, as well as teacher and administrator blogs. As a department of one, we redesigned 50+ school, department and project web sites, extranets and intranets from concept to launch in one year. We developed Active Server Pages using VBscript connected to a SQL Server database, enabling more staff and students to add content to the web sites with full moderation. We built the first social network for a public school district. That won us an Official Honoree Webby Award due to their effectiveness in improving communication between staff, students and the community at large.

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