Software Interface Design

I take pride in having developed user interfaces for online SaaS and offline standalone software working in both Microsoft Windows and Apple iOS environments since 1996. I have in-depth experience in multiple testing scenarios from paper to functional prototypes.

At iPlace USA, I wrote the requirements document, designed all the user interfaces, and wrote all the content for an e-commerce website that provided local candidate resumes for U.S. small and medium sized businesses. This new venture enabled the organization to test an underserved market with a set of 15 vetted resumes for $59 overnight. The technology for this project did not launch on schedule and was very unstable. Other decisions made during the development process also caused issues in actually uploading the contents of a resume – each resume had so many fields to fill out that it would take an hour to cut and paste the contents. The business model was flawed, so we pulled the plug after 18 months.

At VNL, a Shyam Telecom Group company, they wanted to be able to bring up an online network planning tool overlay based on Google Maps, so when we were at shows, we could show attendees how simple setting up a network in their region would work. I wrote the requirements document, designed all the user interfaces, and wrote all the content for the SaaS software, that was then re-purposed for use internally as SaaS software by the radio frequency engineering planning teams worldwide.

At, a Lycos network property, I was part of the team that invented the popup window. Ethan Zuckerman, then-CTO, found an exploit in Netscape’s code, and we took advantage of it. I was in charge of traffic and promotions but I had no way of growing traffic without adding some sort of frame, overlay or other option to grow traffic or show ads. The popup did its job showing ads but were decreasing the user experience. The tech team tested a number of different formats and components for me to make it better and keep it effective. I finally found the way to make the painful pop-up actually useful to users by using a closed web-ring technology to show you similar pages within This increased traffic from 12 million page views a day to 16 million page views a day within nine months.

At Telekol, one of the first CTI companies funded out of Israel, no one in the Engineering team had any design experience.  Using native Microsoft design development tools, I read through all the documentation available and shared what was required for the team to have in order to code the changes to the interface, then designed all the UI design components, splash screens, assisted on web site development for the first computer-based unified messaging system for small businesses. The IntegraX™ intelligent communications server was named “Best of Show” at the Spring ’99 CTI Expo and the company was purchased by Nokia for US $56 million.

Whenever possible, today we use Photoshop, WordPress, and Shopify as our main tools for interface design. See our Web Design pages to learn more.

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