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ibuildcompanies.com Offers Free Download on the Hierarchy of Competence

"Four Ways to Build Out an Effective Board of Directors" ibuildcompanies.com by Jeanne Heydecker
Download your free PDF: "Hierarchy of Competence" - By Jeanne Heydecker - ibuildcompanies.com

ibuildcompanies.com is pleased to release a free downloadable PDF for anyone interested in the hierarchy of competence. Most people consider themselves above average; when you ask them how they would rate themselves as, say a driver or a parent. However, there is bell curve to the skills and logic would say that most people are simply average, some being very much above average, and very much below average. The same thing applies to companies. This white paper helps you assess what your company is doing wrong and how to fix your service business for operational excellence and increased profits. Nobody wants to work for an average company. “A” players only want to work with other “A” players because they challenge each other and get better.

“Operational strategy is different from your overall business strategy. Business strategy usually is a higher level view – where the company is going, what industries you plan to serve, what products or services you plan to launch, increasing revenues, countering threats, minimizing risks and how best to grow your organization,” said Jeanne Heydecker, Founder and CEO of ibuildcompanies.com. “Operational strategy focuses on how you operate internally – the process you use to improve your products or service delivery, and ultimately grow through incremental improvements in processes, procedures, oversight and monitoring, data collection, etc. This typically leads to increased customer delight and loyalty, and increased market share and revenues.

What affects employees the most is service delivery. To do their jobs well, forward thinking organizations should use a four-prong approach to solving this critical issue. We call this methodology the Hierarchy of Competence.”

To get your own copy of the “Hierarchy of Competence”, please email us and we’ll send you our ten-page white paper in PDF format or you can  download it here immediately.


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