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ibuildcompanies.com Offers Free Download for Starting Your Own Innovation Program

ibuildcompanies.com Offers Free Download for Starting Your Own Innovation Program

Download your free PDF: "Process Plan for Creating Your Own Innovation Program" - By Jeanne Heydecker - ibuildcompanies.com ibuildcompanies.com is proud to announce they are releasing a free downloadable PDF for anyone interested in developing their own internal innovation program. Suggestion boxes and other informal ways of innovating have gone the way of the past. R&D departments cost a fortune and may never create the disruptive ideas required to solve industry challenges and create more opportunity. This PDF explains a way to foster innovative thinking within your company and formalize innovation by creating an environment where the idea maker gets “a seat at the table” when ideas are approved, planned and executed.

“When used properly, simple ideas can become major game changers for your organization,” said Jeanne Heydecker, Founder and CEO of ibuildcompanies.com. “One such idea at a previous company started out as a simple point-of-contact assignment for a variety of employees. This morphed into a huge restructuring of the company that put automatic promotions and salary increases into the work, eliminating management time. This type of value creations comes from solving the pain points experienced by your employees. When they share their solutions, you would be very surprised to find the amount of  innovation already going on in small groups in your firm. But surprisingly, most people are afraid to share their ideas, afraid they’ll be rejected, especially here in the East. It’s okay to fail in the West, just as long as you learn from it and carry on. This program teaches and coaches, even when ideas aren’t sound. People will still continue to engage and share ideas when this program is followed.”

To get your own copy of the “Process Plan for Creating You Own Innovation Program”, please email us and we’ll send you our twelve-page white paper in PDF format or you can  download it here immediately.


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