Events Management

Events Management - by Jeanne Heydecker

We have been involved with trade shows, conferences, summits, parties and other events all over the world starting in 1993, personally supervising the build and strike of custom booths ranging from 9 sqm to over 900 sqm on five continents. Whatever budget you have to work with, we’ll find ways to maximize your return on investment.

We have been involved with trade shows all over the world starting in 1993, personally supervising the build and strike of custom booths ranging from 9 sqm to over 900 sqm on five continents. We personally design all show floor plans in conjunction with subcontractors who build out the vision. We have been an exhibitor, conference planner, speaker, floor supervisor, booth designer, overseer of booth builds and strikes, negotiator and problem solver, along with staffing scheduler, travel and logistics manager, securer of booth vendors, caterers, translators and other services.

During our tenure at Shyam, we planned and executed international and domestic trade shows in Singapore, Jakarta, New Delhi, Moscow, Rio de Janiero, Sao Paulo, Abuja, Cape Town, Cairo, Nairobi, Geneva, Yangon, and Barcelona each year. We were responsible for all on- and off-line advertising and public relations for each show, and launch new products and companies into new markets. Through best practices and proactive planning, we managed to decrease the average cost per square meter from $1,863 to $431 by second year.

At Sannam S4, we created an annual Sales & Marketing Summit to train all department heads in social media, cross-selling, client retention best practices, and online marketing principles. This two-day summit increased inbound queries via social media from 0% to 38% of sales source mix, increasing revenue by 40% in six months.

At iPlace USA, we were responsible for creating the themes and all internal marketing materials and promotions for our annual anniversary celebration in May, and a Winter party in December/January. Themes included “Casino Royale” with all employees in dressed in clothes with “Casino Royale Flair”, close hand magicians, roulette and blackjack tables, photo booth, free flow drinks and buffet dinner. “The Oscars” was our personal favorite for their 10th anniversary, where we featured a red carpet, MC, several media cameras interviewing guests and humorous awards voted on previously by the entire company and awarded that night by the CEO and us. We were the first company in India to use a drone camera for our Winter parties which featured themes like Hawaiian Luau, with plenty of costumes like straw skirts and coconut bras for the three photo booths, plus face painting, and as the evening progressed, around the pool we had fire dancers and hula dancers.

At JobNet, we oversaw a career conference in Yangon, a job fair in Mandalay, and planned all the specifics for the Myanmar Employer Awards, all in less than 90 days.

Prices for events can grow considerably based on the number of attendees, duration, venue, catering, celebrity engagement, and media services required. If you are looking for someone with the ability to negotiate the best options and offer creative solutions for your next event, email us today.

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