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Develop an Online Advertising Campaign Strategy that Works

Internet Advertising Options - ibuildcompanies.com by Jeanne Heydecker

Plan and implement an online marketing strategy to generate targeted traffic to the web sites. There are many aspects to online advertising from simple banner ads, Google Adwords, to rich media placements. Identifying the correct sites to advertise on is key.

Evaluate not only the unique visitor numbers (to maximize exposure to your market), but location, if you are focused on a particular market. Review “real estate” – when negotiating with a site, check what ads sizes and locations are available and whether sub-pages would be preferable. Ad management and rates are all over the place. Test lots of ad sites AND A/B test ads to see what drives traffic. Is it an offer for a free white paper? Is it a free 90 day trial of your online service? Testing different approaches is crucial to find out what are the emotional touchpoints that will drive click-throughs to your web site.

Online Advertising Campaigns consists of the following fundamentals:

  • Online Advertising Campaign Management
  • Advertising Creative Concept Development
  • Ad Network Media Buying / Placement Services
  • Adwords/Adsense
  • Pay per Click (PPC)
  • Cost per Action (CPA)
  • Banner Advertising
  • Web Site Sponsorships
  • Native Advertising
  • Advertorials
  • Sponsored Content
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